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The UNWTO (World Tourism Organization) asks all of us (not only FLY DESERTor another ballooning operator) .
To be careful and responsible as tourists, in order to avoid being "propagators".

Let us always keep in mind the recommendations made by the health departments of each of our countries, and of the one we are visiting or will be visiting.

It is recommended not to travel for tourism, unless it is strictly necessary.

If we are scrupulous about what the health authorities ask us to do, we will soon be able to return to our daily activities... or we will allow this to happen in the country that is welcoming you with all that its people have to offer.

Please, from FLY DESERT we ask you to "be responsible"!

You are not alone and you are not more than anyone else in the face of things like COVID19 Not all human bodies are the same, and of course neither are the health systems and resources of that beautiful country, which you are having the opportunity to visit.



Keep informed about everything that medical and risk prevention advisors in your home country, or any other country you have been to, are to, or will be to visit, can provide.

All of us who share the planet with you must do this, for our sake, set an example!


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